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Arizona State Achievement Testing Information

    State Acheivement Testing Information

    AASA (Arizona Academic Standards Assessment) is the statewide achievement test for Arizona students in Grades 3-8.  All Arizona public school students in Grades 3 - 8 will take the grade level AASA assessments in English Language Arts (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics. AASA Frequently Asked Questions. 


    Cohort 2027 (typically grade 9) students will take the ACT Aspire assessment in Reading, English, Mathematics, Science, and Writing. 


    Cohort 2025 (typically grade 11) students will take the ACT assessment in Reading, English, Mathematics, Science and Writing. ACT Frequently Asked Questions. 


    The AzSCI assessment will be administered to students in Grades 5, 8, and 11 (Cohort 2025) which will assess the Science standards for the grade level as well as the two grade levels prior.


    The MSAA will be administered to students with significant cognitive disability instead of the above listed state achievement assessments. This test has many built-in supports that allow students to take the test using materials they are most familiar with and communicate what they know and can do as independently as possible. The MSAA will be administered in ELA and Mathematics in Grades 3-8 and 11, and Science in Grades 5, 8, and 11.






    High School State Assessment Grade Enhancement

    High school 11th grade students are eligible to positively impact their semester grades for specific courses if they earn a Proficient or Highly Proficient on the ACT State Assessment or the AzSCI assessment. More Information HERE.







  • AASA and AzSci Sample Tests

    Sample tests are available for students to become familiar with the testing platforms and tools.


    AASA Sample Tests and Tutorials

    Directions: Select Arizona, then click on "Mic Check and Sample Tests"

    AzSci Sample Assessments

    Instructions for Accessing the Sample AzSci Test (Video)

    How AzSci is Set Up (Video)



    Family Results Reports

    Resources for understanding the student results reports.

    NOTE: Assessment results will not be available for the AASA Writing Field Test or the AASA Oral Reading Fluency test for the 2024 administration.  

    ACT Score Replacement

    ACT score replacement allows a current 11th grade student to use the score obtained on a national ACT test date rather than Arizona's statewide assessment date, subject to Arizona's Department of Education's review and approval, using the criteria outlined below.

    • To be comparable, the replacement test score must be obtained within the Junior / 11th grade school year, no earlier than July 1, 2024.
    • The Writing essay must be included in the score as it is required for the high school statewide assessment.
    • The student must score in the highly proficient range as determined by Arizona's ACT Cut Scores, which were approved by the State Board in July 2022. The student must score 25 or higher in ELA and Math.
     Requests must be submitted to StateTesting@dvusd.org by MARCH 1, 2025 and include a copy of the student's ACT score report and a completed parent consent form.