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    GRADING SYSTEMS – Grades Seven and Eight

    In all subject areas, academic and exploratory, SAGE, Title 1, ESL, and Special Education, numbers 0-4 will be used. Plus and minus designations will not be used.

    Grading Scale

    Students must pass all four core classes for the year to be promoted to the next grade level.


    Teachers will assign one citizenship grade E, S, N, or U for each subject which will reflect the student’s attitude, level of learning, enthusiasm, responsibility and participation in learning.
    Citizenship (conduct) grades will use the following E/S/N/U grading scale. E = Exceeds the Standards S = Standards Met N = Needs Improvement U = Unsatisfactory

    Academic Recognition – Grades Seven and Eight

    Principal’s List
    All 4’s
    No N’s or U’s

    No Incompletes
    Honor Roll
    4’s and 3’s

    No N’s or U’s

    No Incompletes
Last Modified on August 23, 2021