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     MajorClarity is built to provide academic advising for all learners. Students achieve better outcomes with postsecondary education—but that education can take many forms. A technical certification, two- and four-year degrees, an apprenticeship as a Hollywood stunt double: all can mean success for the right student. That’s why we start by asking “What are you passionate about changing in the world?” We help students explore a variety of relevant opportunities, and ultimately select a path that addresses their specific goals.


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    High School Registration
    High School Registration Lessons begin the end of November and continue into the month of December.  All students will enroll for their home high school. All registration cards will be due before Winter Break.  
    Open Enrollment-
    If your student is not planning to attend his/her home high school, please be sure to open enroll online at .  Priority open enrollment closes before Winter Break. When students are accepted on open enrollment, please forward the email to .  Mrs. Douglas-Salisbury will ensure that your student's schedule and cum file are sent to the correct high school. 
    Middle School Registration
    Students in 6th and 7th grade will select exploratory classes in December. Parents will need to return the signed registration card before Winter Break.
    Upcoming 7th and 8th graders will be placed in core classes in March. Parents will need to return the signed registration card before Spring Break.
Last Modified on August 27, 2021