DVUSD Mandarin Programs

  • Welcome to The Deer Valley Unified School District’s Mandarin Chinese Program

    The Mission of the Mandarin Program in the Deer Valley Unified School District in Phoenix, Arizona, is to create a world class, fully articulated Mandarin Chinese language curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten to the University which will enhance the future success of students in a global and technologically advanced society.

    The Mandarin Program and Its Goals 

    The U.S. government has instituted multiple efforts to dramatically expand the number of Americans studying and mastering critical need foreign languages. Critical need languages are languages that have increased importance due to national priorities and are not adequately taught in the public school system. Because of China’s growing economic importance, Mandarin Chinese has been identified as a critical need language. To address needs, the Mandarin Chinese Program is founded on the following goals:

    • To provide Mandarin Chinese as a critical language opportunity for all students.
    • To prepare students to succeed in an increasing global economy.
    • To develop an appreciation for Asian culture.
    • To increase student’s capacity for learning and academic achievement.

                               MAN Program 17-18

    This program is being delivered at Gavilan Peak, Desert Sage Elementary, Diamond Canyon, and Boulder Creek schools located in North Phoenix.  Mandarin Partial Immersion is offered only at Gavilan Peak School from grades K-8 and  Desert Sage Elementary from grades K-5 (grade levels will be added each year up to 6th grade).  You can enroll in 1st grade even if you weren’t in Kindergarten. Join us!  These innovative and dynamic programs will provide opportunities for Chinese language and culture instruction for students at both schools.
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