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    Biomedical Innovation Honors (BI)
    Year Four of Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Program
    In the final course of the PLTW Biomedical Science sequence, students build on the knowledge and skills gained from previous courses to design innovative solutions for the most pressing health challenges of the 21st century. Students address topics ranging from public health and biomedical engineering to clinical medicine and physiology. They have the opportunity to work on an independent design project, possibly with a mentor or advisor from a university, medical facility, or research institution.  
    By the end of the course, students will:
    • Recognize the connections among human body systems.
    • Identify and be able to use the terminology, technology, equipment, and techniques that biomedical science professionals use.
    • Understand the diverse set of careers and related skills in the biomedical science field.
    • Explore and plan for future success in college and career.

    Prepare students for success in college and career

    Through multiple problems and scenarios, the updated course challenges students to dive into the roles of various biomedical science professionals. Students develop proficiency in laboratory and clinical skills using real equipment, setting them up for success in college and career. Students also explore the vast range of careers in the biomedical sciences.

    Integrated technology is used intentionally to maximize the student and teacher experience 

    PLTW focuses on modernizing content and designing it for digital delivery. Interactive, 3D animations and images allow students to immerse themselves in the curriculum and experience content in a new and unique way. For example, students can now interact with patient data in a simulated electronic records system—with integrated videos, audio files, and diagnostic images.

    General Information:
    • BI is offered to 12-grade students as an honors level, CTE elective course
    • Students enrolled in PLTW Biomedical Sciences will also be enrolled in grade-level science and math courses
    • Collaborative, engaging classroom

    Course content highlights the integrated reality of PLTW’s three pathways: biomedical science, computer science, and engineering.

    Students will understand the integrated nature of multiple disciplines in the world as they engage in real-world cases and scenarios. Unlike many other courses in high school, the problems within Biomedical Innovation will highlight how concepts in science, technology, math, and engineering have to be applied in tandem in order to understand and solve problems.

    Career and Technical Student Organization:  HOSA  


    Students will utilize the MRHS Canvas Learning Management System, available online at https://www.dvusd.org/canvas or Canvas iPad app, and my.pltw.org to access the curriculum. 

    Students will need:

    • Pens/pencils/highlighters
    • Composition Notebook
    • Charged iPad/device for daily activities 
    • Google Drive created with school email address

    See Canvas Calendar and PowerSchools for due dates, etc.