School Registration Requirements for Immunization

    Every child’s Immunization Record is required upon registration. The record must show the date your child was given each required shot with a stamp or signature from the doctor or immunization clinic. If you do not have an Immunization Record, or your child has not received all required shots, call your doctor for an appointment or contact the local health department for the date and location of the next immunization clinic.

    School Immunization Requirements


    Immunization Rules for Students 11 Years of Age or Older

    Arizona Department of Health Services has made changes to rules requiring two more immunizations for school attendance which will affect students as they turn 11 years old.

    Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, attenuated pertussis) will be required for students as they turn 11 years old and older when 5 years have passed since the last tetanus/diphtheria vaccine dose (DTP, DTaP, or Td). Previously, a Td was done 10 years after the initial series completed, but recurrence of pertussis in the teen population over the past years has put children at increased risk for this life-threatening disease. This is required even if they are not in the 6th grade.

    MV (meningococcal vaccine) will be required for students who are 11 years old, even if they are not in 6th grade. Meningococcal meningitis can be highly contagious in teen and young adults and may result in severe disability, if not death. 

    As you update your child's immunizations, please get the Tdap and MV administered and documented as soon as possible if your child is already 11 years old. Please get the documentation to the Health Office when completed so that school records can be updated.

    Exemption forms are available from the nurse and must be filled out in person by a parent for personal exemption or by a physician for a medical exemption. Remember, these are with the understanding of potential exclusions from school in event of any outbreak of disease as determined by the Maricopa County Health Department. DON'T DELAY! Get your child's shots today!