• The Pre-Band Experienc

    An integral part of the curriculum is the Fourth Grade Instrumental Exploratory program. All fourth graders will have a full year of hands-on instrumental training with one quarter each on the clarinet, flute, percussion and trumpet. We have a terrific time enjoying the beautiful sounds we produce!!

    Students will be provided all materials and individual mouthpieces for clarinet and trumpet. These mouthpieces will be sanitized after each use in a highly concentrated sanitizing solution. During the clarinet unit, students will be provided one bamboo/cane reed and if it breaks and is no longer playable, students may purchase a new one for $2.00 or serve a lunch detention helping Mrs. Terrell as payment for the replacement reed. During the percussion unit, if drum sticks or mallets need to be replaced the cost will be $10.00.  Students will be held accountable for all materials in an effort to help DVUSD maintain these expensive instruments and teach the importance of accountability. 

    The students will learn musical notation and basic theory as they learn the basics of each instrument. At the end of the year, those students wishing to participate in band in fifth grade will have a specific instrument(s) recommended to them based upon their performance in the exploratory classes. This year-long process helps to assure the student's success in beginning band by combining a solid foundation of notation reading and matching the child with the instrument most suited to them.

    Another exciting event for the 4th graders is our field trip to the Musical Instrument Museum in May.  Students and parents enjoy the docent-led tour through the instruments of different countries, ending with the hands-on Experience Gallery (shown in the slides below.)

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 


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