• Rhythm Reading for Drums

    by Garwood Whaley Year Published:

    This book is necessary for percussion ensemble, middle school 1st hour. Amazon Purchase - Staple Bound

    I am not sure what Staple Bound means in Amazon, but do NOT get the Kindle version. 

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  • Provided Materials

    by David Kuhns Year Published:

    Middle School WIND players do not need to purchase a method book. Each student will receive a copy of the David Kuhns Warm-Up series week 1. We will utilze this for all scale based activities. 

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  • Measures of Success - Book 1

    by Brian Balmages Year Published:

    6th GRADE BAND! -  We will continue in our blue books while adding supplemental material from other sources. Dig out your Measures of Success and dust it off for the start of 2020-2021.

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