• Behavior Expectations:

    "Be Nice.  Work Hard."

    For consistency, all 5th grade students will have a behavior card to track individual behavior.  They should have this card in their backpacks at all times.  (TRACKS CARD)
    Each 5th grade teacher will have their own plan for managing group behavior in their class.  
    Work Expectations:
    We are working to improve both reading fluency and comprehension as well as writing. To help imporove writing, the following expectations are reinforced on most assignments:
    -Complete sentences are required for any written respsponses.
    -Correct capitalization and punctuation is expected. 
    -To aid comprehension and improve sentence fluency, restating the question as part of the answer is required. 
    -For responses longer than one sentence, an iRace response is required. Students are working on iRACE responses in ELA, Science, and Social Studies. 
    *Any written assignment can be revised and resubmitted for regrading.