• For the week of March 30-April 3 DVUSD will be providing activities for you and your families to participate in at your discretion.  Listed below are 3 websites/apps that our students are already familiar with and are more than welcome to use.  I will be posting work for the students to complete for the week of April 6-9 the night of April 5. Please stay tuned :) 

     **All of these links are posted in the Links & Resources page as well **

    Raz Kids

    1. Type in ra-kids.com or dowload the app to any SMART device

    2. Click "Kids Login"

    3. Type in the teacher suername: tgillotti

    4. Find your child's name

    5. Click on the apple as their password



    1. Type https://play.dreambox.com/login/f3aq/fafy or download the app to any SMART device (our school code is f3aq/fafy)

    2. Type in the "class code" bo 66871

    3. Click on the child's name

    4. Clic on the turtle as the password


    Epic Books

    1.Type in getepic.com

    2. Click "Students & Educators"

    3. Type in the class code vnw8866

    4. Click on your students name to start reading