• character counts  
    Diamond Canyon uses Character Counts as it's foundation for discipline.  Character Counts is comprised of six pillars to live by: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  I believe that it is extremely important to have a safe and respectful environment to ensure the most optimal learning!  
    For whole class positive reinforcement the students will have an opportunity to place a ball in the "Sparkle Jar" when the entire class is on task, did well on a test, etc.  When the Sparkle Jar is full, the entire class will receive some type of prize that they have prior decided to work towards.
    Each student will have a clip placed on our clip chart.  These clips will be used to monitor and remind students of their choices.  Listed below are the descriptions of each color and its consequence.  Students will start each day fresh with green and will change their place on the chart based on their actions.  Behavior can be monitored each day by checking their calendars in their Star binders.
    **Not all poor choices will follow these steps
             Purple: means I have superb behavior and have clipped up twice!!
             Blue: means I have had excellent behavior and clipped up!
             Green: means great job!
             Yellow: means I have received my first warning and clipped down
             Orange: means I will have NO recess and had to fill out a Think Sheet (sent home to be reviewed and signed)
             Red: means we will have a parent meeting, and might have to talk with Mrs. Dyer