In our classroom we use Class DOJO. If you have not signed up with a parent account please reach out for the link. When students are making positive choices and showing good character they earn a points. When they reach a predetermined point level they earn a treasure box prize. On the occasion that a student is not making a good choice they may lose points and will fill out a think sheet. This gives them to opportunity to reflect on their choice and what they can do better next time. In the event a think sheet is needed it will be sent home to be discussed, signed and returned the following day. For any major concerns a note and/or email will be sent home.


    One key to a successful start to our year is that students are aware and understand my expectations of them as students in my classroom. We spend several weeks practicing these expectations over and over and revisit them often throughout the year. I like to explain to my students that we are a family in our class and in order for our family to work together and have a successful year we have rules that we all need to follow. We read several books on how to be a good classmate and have a class discussion on what we need to do for our class to be successful. I have listed below our general class rules that we will all be expected to follow:

    We will listen and follow directions
    We will be nice to others
    We will use good manners
    We will raise our hand to talk
    We will take care of our things
    We will do our best EVERY DAY!