AZ College and Career Ready Standards

    A New Way of Teaching and Learning

    English Language Arts

    The AZ College and Career Ready standards emphasize “text- based answers”, which means students need to carefully read and cite specific evidence to support their answers and interpretations of the text.

    Instead of reading and answering questions, students must now read and re-read, engage with, and analyze text as evidenced by their highlighting, annotating, and note taking (prove their answers).



    Students find the answers and create the answers.

    Students demonstrate understanding by applying knowledge to real-world situations.

    Students will share and explain their answers.

    Students find more than one way to find an answer.

    Less teacher talk.


    Helpful websites for AZ College and Career Ready Standards

    ADE Standards 

    Eureka Math






    Standards Based Grading


    We believe the primary goal of grading is to give feedback to both students and parents about the student’s progress in the learning process.

    Grades are a reporting tool utilized to reflect what a student knows and is able to do in a content area. We measure achievement, not effort or behavior, in our grading system.


    PowerSchools is an essential resource for parents and students. It is not only a tool for communication regarding grades, it is a resource for our students and parents to check progress, missing work, and what is being taught/learned regularly. Please ensure that you and your child have access and even sign up for weekly email updates as an option in PowerSchools.

    Zero’s will no longer be given.  49% is the lowest grade that will assigned.


    Independently = the ability to demonstrate the proficiency standards without assistance after being taught a skill or concept. 3 is the target goal.