• Greetings 7th Graders and Families,

    As this unorthodox school year begins to wind down, we want to share important information with you. Please look for more detailed communication from Principal Hood in the near future.


    Student belonging pick-up is scheduled. 

    This will be for yearbooks, spring pictures, and non-essential items left behind (notebooks, lunchboxes, ect.) It is scheduled by student LEGAL LAST NAME. The schedule is at the end of the email.

        -Please make sure you take a piece of paper and write your student's last name and grade level on this. Then place this paper in the window of your vehicle when picking up/dropping off items. A staff member will bring the belongings to you.

        -If you have items to return to the school (band instruments, library books, etc.) you should return these items at the same time.


    Report cards will not be physically sent home. 

    Please look on PowerSchool for final grades. If you need help logging in please let us know.


    Learning will continue until Thursday May 21st - the students' last day of school. 

    Students are expected to log into Canvas every day and complete assigned activities for ALL classes until then. This includes, RTI, Exploratories, and Specials classes. We will provide instruction and new lessons until the last day of school.


    7th Grade teachers (Ms. Clarke, Mr. Deming, Mrs. Kelly, and Mr. McElhaney) will continue to have Zoom classes for the rest of the year. Students still have assignments posted to canvas. Be sure they check the WaaG and if they have questions they can clarify in Zoom class meetings or via messaging through Canvas.


    Student Belonging Pick-up Schedule:

    Student Belonging Pick-up Schedule:
    Date         Last Name          Time  
    Friday, May 15 th   A - C       8:30-10:00
    Friday, May 15 th   D - F       10:30-12:00
    Friday, May 15 th   G - I       12:30 - 2:00  
    Monday, May 18 th   J - L       8:30-10:00
    Monday, May 18 th   M - O       10:30-12:00
    Monday, May 18 th   P - R       12:30 - 2:00
    Tuesday, May 19 th  S - U       8:30-10:00
    Tuesday, May 19th   V - Z       10:30-12:00
    Wednesday, May 20th     ALL 8th Grade   8:30 - 10:00  
    Wednesday, May 20th     Overflow/Make-up    10:30 - 1:00  

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


    Stay healthy, keep academically engaged and continue to wash those hands!


    Team  7

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

    Welcome to All Things E.Q. - We are here to support you!
    Hello Parents,

    I hope you and your family are well. As Paseo Hills Teachers work hard to help your children continue their academic learning at home, we also wanted to provide you with additional resources to support their emotional development as well.

    During this time of enormous change, and social-distancing, it can be helpful to feel connected to the broader school community. So, each week we will focus on a weekly motto altogether.

    The motto this week is:
    I adapt and make the most of change.

    Each week, I will provide a brief video highlighting the key insights for the week. I will also include, via the links below resources and activities that you may find helpful to do with your child.

    Here are the resources I mentioned in the video above: Despite the challenges we face, people continue to rise above. Thanks to all the teachers who are working diligently to create learning opportunities for our students at home. Thanks to all the parents for your understanding and support. Challenges often reveal the best in us.
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
    Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
    -Margaret Mead

    Be well,
  •    Welcome to 7th Grade   

    7th grade can be a challenging and exciting time for students, parents, and staff. Teacher websites and email through the PowerSchool platform may be helpful communication for parents and students about the middle school experience. The purpose of Paseo Hills Middle School is to give students the skills they will need to meet 6th, 7th and 8th grade standards so that they may be successful in high school.

    Rattlers Rock PBIS

    It is the belief of Paseo Hills Middle School Staff that 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are ready to assume responsibility for their behavior. Thus, they will participate in our Rattlers ROCK! Program. ROCK stands for: Rattlers show Respect, Own responsibility, and Care through Kindness.


    It is the goal of Paseo Hills to provide all students with behavioral expectations that are clearly defined, taught and reinforced, to encourage positive relationships and exemplary citizenship. Our student discipline data shows that students are being sent to the office for defiance/disrespect and minor aggressive acts. When that happens, they are not learning, and this interferes with the learning of others. We need to help all of our students to be successful academically and behaviorally. When students struggle with reading—we teach.  When students struggle with math or music—we teach.  When students struggle with behavior we need to teach them how to succeed.

    Student Conduct, Procedures, and Expectations

    • Bathroom Passes/Transition Passes
    • Walking in Lines/Stay off the grass
    • Respect the Learning Environment
    • Off and Away with cell phones
    • No Gum or Energy Drinks on Campus
    • No skateboards/scooters on campus
    • Retake Contracts/Student Work forms
    • Dress Code and Hats off indoors
    • Appropriate use of technology
    Week at a Glance

7th Grade- Important Information Posts

  • 7th Grade Supply List

    Posted by Clarke on 8/2/2018

    Required Supplies:

    One 2 1/2" 3-ring binder

    Five Pocket folders of different colors (3-hole punch)

    One set of 5 different colored highlighters

    Colored pens (blue/black)

    One package of lined paper (wide ruled)

    One package of colored pencils


    Suggested Materials:

    One 3-subject spiral notebook (120 page)

    One set of whiteboard markers

    One personal pencil sharpener

    One scissor

    Two bottles of school glue (white liquid)

    One paperback copy of the book, I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World (Young Readers Edition) by Malala Yousefzai and Patricia McCormick 


    Ongoing needs:

    #2 pencils


    Personal earbuds/headset


    Optional - flash drive





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