• Curriculum
     Curriculum follows Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS)
    Terramar utilizes HMH Into Reading curriculum. It is a comprehensive reading program that also has cross-curriculum connections and helps students to develop strong  conceptual understandings of text and grammar skills. *Reading classes are grouped by flexible abilities and integrate reading, fluency, grammar, and spelling patterns. Instruction focuses on comprehension of literary text through many genres, and includes small group instruction, as well as independent application of focus skills in literacy stations.  

    Spelling Spelling patterns will be studied weekly. We will practice patterns we see in certain words and be tested on spelling words containing these patterns. this develops a deeper understanding of the English language beyond simple memorization.

    Second grade students will progress through all stages of the writing process. Students will focus on narratives, informative writing, functional text, literary responses, as well as develop research skills and knowledge of proper sequencing. Students will recognize and apply proper conventions and parts of speech in revising and editing, as well as learn and strengthen computer skills in keyboarding and publishing.

    Our second grade math program, Eureka Math, is taught in flexible ability groups that best suit each student’s needs and abilities.  Math lessons are supported with technology, manipulatives, and literature.  Students develop math vocabulary and critical conceptual problem solving skills. Topics include addition/subtraction, place value, time, money, measurement, geometry, graphing, and multiplication.

    Science curriculum focuses on inquiry based learning and includes study about matter and energy, Earth and sky, space and weather, as well as science and technology in society.

    Social Studies
    Social Studies in 2nd grade introduces topics that include westward expansion, Native American studies, ancient civilizations, map skills, U.S. government, as well as responsible citizenship and good character development. We will also develop sequencing skills in creating timelines, and use research skills and primary source materials to develop and support understanding.