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    Carefully considering the needs that all gifted students share, Renaissance teachers have adopted ideals that are consistent with “best practices” in educational programs for gifted students. We not only focus on their academic needs, but also emphasis on their social and emotional needs.

    Check out this video that helps explain AZ College and Career ready standards. AZ College and Career


    • STEM

    This will feature hands-on investigations, research, and problem-based learning. Resources: Foss Science, curricular units from The College of William and Mary Center for Gifted Education, McDougal Littell Science (course material in on-line medium), and internet resources. Due to being a STEM school we also have a large focus on the engineering process and spend every early release Friday working on STEM projects.

    What is STEM? STEM

    The Engineering Process Engineering


    • Technology

    Technology integration will be included throughout the content and used as a productivity tool. Keyboarding and word processing, PowerPoint, and Excel skills will be taught within the context of project work. Other technology will be used to facilitate creativity some of these are the use of digital cameras, QRL codes, Prezi, etc. In my classroom we have three desk tops, a cart of 18 laptops that we share with the other Renaissance classes, and 1 to use when needed. Technology is a very important source for the students to express their thoughts, find information, and create products that showcase their learning.

    • Social Emotion Curriculm

    This year Canyon Springs will be utilizing Sanford Harmony as well as Mindfulness curriculm to meet the social emotional needs of our students. 


    Academic Goals for Students

    1. Acquire a solid foundation in the content areas of mathematics, language and communication arts, social studies, and science.

    2. Learn at an advanced level within these content areas.

    3. Produce work within these areas that reflects individuality and creativity at a level that is advanced in relationship to other students of the same grade.

    4. Use technology as a productivity tool. (Arizona K-12 Standards)

    Cognitive and Effective Goals for Students

    1. Problem solve; and think creatively, critically and logically; make connections between ideas

    2. Acquire the knowledge and skills of learning and organizing..

    3. Acquire advanced research skills to gather, analyze, and apply information and ideas.

    4. Acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively both within and beyond the classroom.

    5. Acquire the knowledge and skills to make decisions and act as a responsible member of a community.

    Classroom Rules/Discipline

    In order for our class to run smoothly, an optimal learning environment must be maintained at all times. I ask that all students are respectful, responsible, and safe.

    Be Respectful-Students must respect their classmates’ ability to learn. Students should not shout out of turn, and should respect all materials in the classroom.

    Be Responsible-Students must be prepared with their materials every day. Specifically, students should bring their notebooks to class, as well as their agenda and homework.

    Be Safe-Students must follow the procedures established in the classroom, on the playground, and in the cafeteria.

    Students who do not demonstrate respectful, responsible, or safe behavior will fill out a behavior form and get it signed by a parent. This is the best way for me to inform you of what’s going on in class!