• Math-   Complete the  practice / enrichment worksheets that are sent home in the daily folder.  This folder will also be the folder that I send home news and other papers from the front office.  Math homework will be sent home Monday-Thursday. I will also include a study guide for each assignment that explains the strategy we are using to solve the equations. 

    During math time, we participate in "Math Talks" or mini-lessons in strategies/story problems, whole group math lessons with independent practice, math stations and games on Friday. 

    Reading Homework

    On Monday or the beginning of each week, students will bring home their reading homework packet.  The packet is due back to school on Friday.  This will be sent home in the green homework folder.

    Included in the reading packet will be the following items:


    Sight Word Fluency practice:  Students will practice reading the sight words daily and then have someone time them and record how many minutes or seconds it takes them to read all the words on the paper.  The goal is to be able to read them by the end of the week within a 1 minute time frame.  For an additional challenge, ask your student to spell each word.

    Fluency Practice:  Students will read the story daily for fluency practice.  Again, someone should time them daily and record the wpm.  The goal is to increase the rate of speed and accuracy each day.  The best way to increase reading fluency is through repeated readings of the same passage.  Students need to be able to read 111 words per minute with 99% accuracy by the end of second grade. 


    RAZ-Kids is another home option for reading practice.  Raz-Kids is a computer based program that we also use in class.  The children are given a starting point in the reading program (Level A-Z) and progress through the levels by reading books and taking assessments on-line.  Once Raz-Kids is set up, I will include your child's reading codes in their homework folder.  Students will receive a free book from the teacher when they complete a level on Raz-Kids.

    Spelling Homework-  

      Spelling is part of the written expression grade, not a separate grade. Students will study a spelling pattern for the week.  The spelling words/pattern are practiced in class and assessments given weekly. 


    Students are expected to learn how to spell 200 high frequency sight words by the end of second grade.

    Each week, a list of 10 sight words will be sent home and tested on Friday.

    The spelling assessments will typically be given on Friday.

      Spelling assessments (grades) will include:  high frequency sight word lists, journals and writing assignments.  These will become part of the overall writing grade on the report card.