Election FAQs

  • M&O Override FAQs 

    What is an override? 
    An override is voter authorization to exceed the amount of the budget otherwise allowed by the State of Arizona. This additional amount is approved and funded by local taxpayer dollars as a means to provide local support of instructional programs deemed important by the community.

    What does an override fund?
    The M&O override would continue to fund and provide additional resources for:

    • Maintaining Class Size
    • Supporting Co-curricular/Extracurricular Activities such as Arts, Chorus, Band, Theater, Dance, Physical Education, and Athletic
    • Supporting Specialized Programs for Students, such as Language Immersion, Gifted Services, online Education (eSchool), ROTC, Fine Arts, International Baccalaureate
    • Funding to Attract and Retain Teachers & Staff
    • Dedicated Funding Source for Full-Day Kindergarten, including transportation
    • Supporting School and Department Needs
    • Continuing Support Services Staff, such as Counseling, Nursing, Literacy, Instructional Technology 

    Why is Deer Valley Unified School District seeking this authorization?
    DVUSD is required to get voter approval to continue to receive M&O Override funding. M&O Override funding is only fully funded for five years, so the M&O Override appears on the ballot at least every five years.

    What happens if the override does not get renewed?
    If the override is not reauthorized, the District would not be able to maintain the current level of programs and services and would have to make reductions when the M&O Override is phased out.  

    What impact does the override have on my taxes?
    The total cost of the override for homeowners is less than $19.23 a month on the average assessed home value.

    Special Bond FAQs 

    Why is a Special Bond Election needed? 
    There are several reasons: Older schools need improvements to increase safety; State of Arizona has not funded cost to maintain buildings (SFB Building Renewal converted to a grant program and only partially funded); State imposed capital funding reductions has resulted in funding gaps for such things at technology, textbooks, school buses, etc.; and Student growth necessitates additional facilities.

    What is the focus of the 2019 Bond?
    Safety & Security
    Instructional Resources
    Building Renewal
    Student Growth

    What will the passage of the Bond do for the schools in my neighborhood?
    Click Here for a link to see the projects that would take place at each school in the DVUSD. Scroll down to the 2019 Bond Election section.

    What will the Bond cost?
    Estimated average monthly cost on the average assessed value of a $213,053 is $13.28/month, which is a continuation of the tax already being assessed from prior Bond authorizations.