•  5th

    Welcome to 5th Grade!
    What Will We Learn This Year?
       This is the third full year of using Engage NY/Eureka Math. This curriculum allows students to gain a deep understanding of concepts before moving on to new areas of learning.By teaching a variety of strategies it gives students a stronger mathematical foundation and helps to build their confidence. This adopted curriculum follows a logical sequence focusing on the following math strands: Numbers and Operations, Fractions, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry and Measurement and Data.
     As we work through lessons, students will complete daily review assignments in class to check for understanding and will then have a homework assignment to further review the lesson and concepts introduced. There will be opportunities for your child to work on their math homework in class upon completion of the daily assignment.  This allows students time for questions or for clarification of concepts.  Even if students have finished their work during class, we ask that they still take their work home to show their parents.  Going over their work with a parent, gives your child one more opportunity to go through the concepts, thus solidifying their new knowledge.

    The six traits model – sentence fluency, organization, voice, word choice, fluency, conventions – will be used to evaluate the students’ writing.  These six traits are also used to grade the students’ AIMS writing pieces.

    The writing process (prewrite, first draft, revise, edit, and publish) will be taught with the emphasis on six different genres: expressive, expository, functional, persuasive, literary response, and research reports.

    All fifth graders have writing portfolios of their work.  Although some writing pieces will be sent home upon completion, samples of each writing genre will be kept in this portfolio.  You are more than welcome to view these samples upon request.

    Social Studies and Science

    We will be alternating between social studies and science throughout the year.  In social studies, we will study American history, world history, civics/government, and geography.  The fifth grade focus is on the United States.  In science, there are five main topics this year: forces and motion, human body, mixtures and solutions, variables and space.  Studies are taught using FOSS kits, EIE; Engineering Kits, and additional materials supporting the AZCCRS/Arizona Common Career and Readiness Standards.


    We use the Into Reading curriculum.  We will read stories from a variety of genres, including: realistic fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry and biographies.  Additionally, we will be doing whole class and small group literature studies throughout the year.

    Specific focus skills include: using context clues, improving fluency, recognizing narrative elements, comparing and contrasting, comprehending expository text, and utilizing a variety of comprehension skills.

    Thinking Maps

    All Canyon Springs staff members will continue to utilize Thinking Maps in their curriculum.  Thinking Maps is a language of eight visual patterns, each based on a fundamental thinking process.  These patterns are used individually and in combination across every grade level and curriculum area as an integrated set of tools for life-long learning.  The key factor and benefit of this learning process is that it teaches students to become independent critical thinkers.  We will utilize these maps throughout the year in all subject areas.