• Welcome to CTE, Career and Technical Education! 

    I LOVE teaching career and technical education!!
    Students get a chance to learn about a career pathway BEFORE they go to college. 
    They can earn college credit WHILE the are in high school and
    they get opportunities to build their resume while in DECA and the Academy of Entreprenuership!
    I teach Marketing, Advanced Marketing, Gifted and Internship.  There are more CTE programs on campus to test your skills so see which ones best fit your style
    CTE programs empower students to develop leadership, academic, and technical skills needed in the global economy for continuous learning and workforce success.
    Career and Technical Education:
    • offers opportunities to develop specialized skills while in high school and apply academic knowledge in real world settings
    • provides all students with cutting edge training in their chosen program of study, leading to diverse post-secondary options

    Collaboration+Assessment=Student Success!


    Mountain Ridge CTE----experience it!! 



Ms. Debbie Moore



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Ms. Debbie Moore