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    "The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future."
    - Theodore Roosevelt 
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  • My schedule for the 2019-2020 year is as follows:
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    Period 2: Prep
    Period 3: AP World History
    Period 5: American/AZ History
    Period 6: American/AZ History
    Period 7: American/AZ History
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  • Charlotte Adelman: Holocaust Survivor

    Mrs. Adelman has been coming to MRHS since 2016 and has spoken to the U.S./AZ History classes about her experience in the Holocaust. Mrs. Adelman is a child survivor and was hidden by a family in France. Mrs. Adelman stayed 9 months in a cellar where she spent her time knitting socks for the family and staying positive. Her host family took good care of her, giving her food and water and keeping her safe. Her family was all separated at the beginning of the Holocaust and at the end of WWII she reunited with her father and her brother. Sadly, her mother was deported to Auschwitz where she died a few months after arriving. It is an honor to have Charlotte Adelman come and speak to the students and she truly impacts them with her positivity and love for life regardless of the dark times she faced during the Holocaust. Mrs. Adelman is a part of the Phoenix Holocaust Survivor's Association where she has connected with other survivors and has spoken to many schools in the valley. Below are photos of some students with Mrs. Adelman after she spoke. 
    Students with Mrs. Adelman  Student with Mrs. Adelman Student with Mrs. Adelman Student with Mrs. Adelman Student with Mrs. Adelman Ms. Andre and Mrs. Adelman