• SDOHS Library
    To read a school library eBook
    on a computer, use
                                  If you are directed to MackinVIA,
                                  use username SDOHS and password eagle
    To read (download) a school library Follett eBook
    on an eReader (iPad),
    use the Destiny Discover and the Destiny Read app.
    This app is in the school app store.
    To read (download) a school library Mackinvia eBook
    on an eReader (iPad)
    use the MackinVIA app.
                                    username SDOHS and password eagle
    Your Destiny Discover username/password are the same as the username/password you use to log on to school computers. wbb05452.follettshelf.com.  
    MackinVIA ebooks id: sdohs  p: eagle  

      If you have a library card and a computer or eReader,
    you may check out eBooks from your public library.
    To read or listen to eBooks on your iPad, 
    go to the school app catalog and download the
    Libby app.
    Libby App

     Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain
    LibriVox Audio Books provides free access to over 15,000 audio books.
    Each audiobook can be streamed or downloaded.
    Install the Librivox app to listen to audiobook offline.
    Audiobooks are available in over 30 languages


    Other Digital Book Resources:

    Internet Archive  Digitized public domain books. Lots of variety—like songbooks, how-to-draw books, travel books, and books from faraway countries.

    Lit2Go   An online treasury of classic children's literature. If you want to read a classic book (like Little Women), you can read along with an engaging audiobook narrator. Search by genre to go narrow your choices.

    Gutenberg Audiobook Project Listen to human-read audiobooks (professional readers) or books that are read by computer. These are classic, public domain books like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Dracula and The Beasts of Tarzan.
    Gutenberg Digital Books  Classic, public domain books.

    Loyal Books     Audiobooks of public domain children's books, classics such as Velveteen Rabbit, The Secret Garden, and Swiss Family Robinson. This site has a sidebar to help users search by genre.

    Google Books   You can find all types of digitized books and magazines here, including play and song books, specialized dictionaries, and fascinating historical magazines such as the “Ladies’ Own Magazine” from 1870. After you have begun a search for an e-book, click on the Free Google E-Books link on the left sidebar. If you find a book you like and want to look at it later, you can add it to your own online library (if you have access to a google account).
    FreeNovelOnline   Choose a category, choose a book, and read.