• Students are expected to follow these rules when in a Zoom music class:

    1.) Be on time.

    2.) Find a quiet place.

    3.) Show your face. You may ask to turn off the camera if not feeling well.

    4.) Dress appropriately.

    5.) Stay in one place.

    6.) Don't mute or unmute unless I say.

    7.) Wait to be called on to speak.

    8.) Raise your hand or push the hand icon if you have a question.

    9.) Don't interrupt your classmates.

    10.) Don't eat during the meeting.

    11.) Participate appropriately by video and chat.

    Students are also expected to follow these three main rules during Mr. Stanford's music class on Zoom or at the Innovation Center:
    1.) Be responsible
    2.) Be respectful
    3.) Be safe
    In addition to all of the rules for music, students are expected to follow all of the rules and guidelines of Aspire Academy Online.
    If a student's behavior is severe or a major incident, then you risk being removed from the Zoom meeting that day and I will contact the office.