• Students are expected to follow these three main rules when entering Mr. Stanford's music classroom:
    1.) Be responsible
    2.) Be respectful
    3.) Be safe
    In addition to these three main rules, students are expected to follow all school rules and guidelines of Gavilan Peak. If a student becomes a disruption to the learning of one's self or their classmates around them, then the student will follow this school-wide process from "All Things E.Q."
    1. Pause: This is the first step when a student is off-topic with a classmate or disrupting class. I will ask the student to, "Please pause." I will give a "Pause" handout to the student with a timer. The student will walk to the "Fermata Hold Station," flip the timer, then read and answer the questions to theirself. They may return to learning once this step is complete. 
    2. Ponder: This is the next step that a student chooses when they don't "Pause" successfully. I will instruct the student to, "Report to ponder." I will give a "Ponder" handout to the student to complete in the "Fermata Hold Station." They will read and answer the questions to theirself, then may return to their learning once this step is complete.
    3. Respond: This is the next step when a student chooses not to "Ponder" successfully. I will explain the student now has a choice whether to "Respond" correctly or they will be issued a referral along with seeing the principal in the next step. I will now give a "Respond" handout to the student. The student will walk to the "Fermata Hold Station" again and complete this form. Once complete, the student should read the daily motto by the station until I excuse them from this step. Once I do excuse them, then they may return to their learning.
    4. Refer: This step is when a student is referred to the principal's office. A student chooses a referral when they don't "Respond" sucessfully, or when they skip "Respond" and go straight to "Refer." I will inform the student they have chosen a referral, and I will give them a pass to the office. I will call and let the office know the student is coming, and the student will need to exit the classroom. Once the student is dismissed from the principal in this step, they will be allowed to return to the classroom followed by me inviting them back into the classroom to continue their learning.
    If a student's behavior is severe, then I won't hesitate to skip all steps and send the student directly to the school office including a major incident infraction. If a student has had three minor incident infractions reported inlcuding the "Respond" step on three separate occasions, then the student will be issued a major incident infraction form to be filled out by me and turned into the office.