July 14 Update

  • Attached is the Microbial Remediation Report produced from Terracon.  This includes Terracon's full report including the remediation work plan, the testing results, their conclusions and recommendations as well as pictures of the work they performed.  This report indicates that CRS was able to remediate the identified areas where fungal matter was found.   As part of their efforts, they did expand the scope of work to include areas that were not previously identified that became known during the remediation efforts.  Their recommendation includes a suggestion  to do indoor air quality testing after the rest of the improvements are completed, and we do plan to have that done throughout the campus.  As we have asked before, if the Task Force would like to identify specific areas to be tested we would be happy to consider this when we request those tests. 
    Before we can consider the indoor air quality testing, we still have a great deal of work to get completed.  Work has started on carpeting the first floor classrooms now that the remediation work is completed.  We have trimmed the drywall to be up off the first floor slab in the majority of the first floor (some areas we could not get to do to the furniture being in the way).  Now that the carpeting is progressing the furniture will get moved around so we can finish trimming the rest of the drywall.  Also happening is the replacement of the drywall that was removed during the remediation effort.  The first floor air conditioning replacement is essentially completed so we have been able to condition this space (a requirement to finish the flooring project).  This air conditioning contractor has moved over to the administration building to replace these units so this building will be ready for the staff that returns next week.  We still have the second floor classrooms and the multi-purpose building air conditioning units that need to be replaced.  And finally, the painting contractor has finished sealing and painting the administration building and continues to work on the sealing and painting the multi-purpose building and painting the surrounding covered walkways.
    We are continuing to make progress each day towards all these improvements.  From what we know today, we are expecting to be able to have this work completed by the end of July.  This means we plan to be conducting the indoor air quality tests the first week of August.