• Supplies needed in backpacks daily:
    3 pencils
    2 red pens 

    backpack 5 ISN books (composition note books for each class)

    scissors                                                                                                                                                                                                                          glue sticks

    crayons/markers/colored pencils 
    dry erase markers 
    pencil case
    sticky notes 
    pocket folder for homework or notes home.
    headphones or ear buds for computer work


    Economy System:            
    Each child gets paid money (class money) weekly for good behavior and following class,
    grade or school expectations.  If they make a bad choice to not follow expectations they
    are charged a fine. Some fines are collected immediately and others are deducted from their
    weekly pay. This class money can be used to buy class/grade privileges to use throughout the year.