• Why take private lessons?

    Private lessons are an opportunity for your child to learn one-on-one with a specialist in their instrument. This will not only benefit them as a player, but also benefit the band as a whole. Studying with a specialist in such a setting allows for quicker growth on the child's instrument. It enriches their learning and often times turns them into leaders on their instruments! Students do not need to be struggling on their instruments for private lessons to be helpful... any student at any level can benefit from working with a specialist on their instrument. We are so lucky in the Deer Valley district to have a wide variety of specialists available and willing to teach private lessons to students. They are teachers in the district and colleagues I trust! If you are interested in private lessons, please ask me for a specialist in your instrument. Many times the students can go every week or every other week for 30-60 minutes. Each teacher has their own rate and teaches at their own location, but please let me provide you with trusted sources for such an amazing opportunity!