• Home Learning Expectations

    Parents: This is a new adventure for all of us and I promise you I will do my best to make it as simple and stress free for you. As a parent myself I understand that you are now having to navigate through a whole new set of obstacles. My expectation for you during this journey is to please communicate with me if you need supports helping with your student's education. I am here for you!


    Students: I want you to know that I miss seeing your faces and having conversations with you. This is a strange time for all of us and with all that is going on you have been asked to take on the extreme responsibility of TAKING CHARGE of your education. I know it will be difficult at first and you may want to just "chill" rather than follow the schedule that is being provided for you but I have faith that you will quickly get in the groove of things. Here are my expectations for you:

    1. Please take action and follow the schedule of when to work on assignments.

    2. Please continue to do the best you can and reach out for help if you need it. 

    3. Please continue to make good choices.


    Teacher: I as well have a new set of expectations for myself and I feel it is only fair to post them so that you can hold me accountable too. My expectations are:

    1. To have all new assignments posted on both the website and Canvas by midnight Sunday.

    2. To communicate with every student either by phone or virtually once a week.

    3. To communicate with parents either by phone, email, or virtually every other week or upon request.