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     *Once logged in, click on courses, Humanities, Connect Ed, then the textbook.


    1st Qtr


     *Paleolithic/Neolithic & Mesopotamia

     *Ancient Egypt 


    2nd Qtr

     *Ancient India

     *Ancient China

     *Ancient Greece


    3rd Quarter

     *Ancient Greece

     *Ancient Rome

     *Ancient Americas


    4th Quarter

     *Middle Ages - Renaissance, Reformation & Enlightenment

     *Ancient Arabia

     *African Medieval Kingdoms




       Hello students and families! I am running a contest for students who can correctly label the correct countries in all 7 continents. It’s not a grade, it’s more for bragging rights and lunch with the teacher. Two students who have the most correctly labeled countries in each class, will join me for a pizza lunch date (during our lunch break). I plan on giving the country test/contest after AZ Merit, so Friday 5/1. The winners will be announced on Tuesday 5/5. Why am I doing this contest? I told my students that I used to have to remember all of the countries when I was their age. I feel by knowing these countries, it gives you more awareness of the great big world around us. Good luck studying!!

    ❤ Mrs. Sears