• Presidency Roles



    ·         Creates agendas for meetings with VP

    ·         Leads meetings

    ·         Monitor committees-collect committee reports

    ·         Consults with advisor regularly

    ·         Submit announcements

    ·         Help fill out paperwork

    ·         Create events on Sign-up Genius


    ·         Aids President in creating agendas for meetings

    ·         Leads meeting in President’s absence

    ·         Consults with President regularly

    ·         Takes pictures at events

    ·         Aids Secretary in making phone calls

    ·         Add events to calendar


    ·         Takes notes at meetings

    ·         Keep binder updated

    ·         Keep website updated

    ·         Take attendance at meetings

    ·         File paperwork

    ·         Lead in signs and flyer creation


    ·         Transporter of money box

    ·         Prepare money for deposits

    ·         Keep detailed records of expenditures

    ·         Take down signs after events

    ·         Take inventory of things sold