• Vision and Mission Statement:

    School Motto:

    Keeping the PACE


    School Vision:

    Creating a community of life-long learners that pursue excellence with passion, and embrace diversity using innovative approaches.


    School Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to provide extraordinary educational opportunities to every learner.


    School Philosophy:  

    Stetson Hills School believes

    Excelling Staff

    • Meet the social, emotional and differentiated academic needs of all students
    • Implements rigorous curriculum with high expectations

    Successful Students

    • Take responsibility for their own learning
    • Respect themselves and others
    • Strive to achieve their highest potential

    Collaborative Community

    • Promote actively involved families
    • Engage community partnerships

    An Embracing School Culture

    • Accepts and values all students, staff, and community members
    • Is a safe and risk free environment
    • Models and honors good character