•  School Hours:  Classes are in session between 8:15 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  


    PE Rules for K-5th Grades:



    Our goals are to have fun, work hard and learn!!

    Be a PE STAR!!

    S - Stay safe

    T - Try your best and encourage others

    A - Always follow the rules

    R - Respect others and equipment

    S - Sportsmanship at all times


    IBMYP - 6th-8th - Rules & Expectations for PE Class


     R - Right to learn

     E - Effort

     S - Safety

     P - Purpose

     E - Enthusiasm

     C - Challenge

     T - Trust/Team Building


    Positive comments only (no put downs, inappropriate comments or foul language)

    *  Be prepared (appropriate PE clothing, shoes, & water bottle)

    *  Be respectful of yourself and others

    *  Participate and have fun!!