2021-2022 Regular Day Schedule

  • Neiman & Hudson   Kozubal & Cohon
    8:15 Reading/Writing   8:15 Science
      Reading/Writing   9:00 Recess
    10:00 Social Studies   9:10 Math
    10:45 RTI   10:30 RTI
    11:00 Lunch   11:00 Lunch
    11:30 Recess   11:30 Recess
    11:40 Break   11:40 Break
    11:45 Specials   11:45 Specials
    12:30 Reading/Writing   12:30 Science
    2:15 Social Studies   1:10 Recess
    3:00 Dismissal   1:20 RTI
          1:45 Math
          3:00 Dismissal

Friday 90 Minute Early Release Schedule

  • Neiman & Hudson   Kozubal & Cohon
    8:15 Reading/Writing   8:15 Science
      Reading/Writing   9:00 Recess
    9:55 Top 20   9:10 Math
    10:15 RTI   10:15 RTI
    10:35 Specials   10:35 Specials
    11:05 Lunch   11:05 Lunch
    11:35 Recess   11:35 Recess
    11:45 Reading/Writing   11:45 Science
    1:10 Top 20   12:25 Math
    1:30 Dismissal   1:30 Dismissal

Backpack Organizational Tips

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    Homework Folder - a folder to keep your work to bring home, complete and bring back to school.

    Assignment Planner - Please check this each night for assignments and notes home.  Students will also write their spelling words in the planner.



Links and Checklist

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    Power school login logo - Go here to see your child's assignments and grades - you'll need to stop by the school office for access information.
    Easy School pay logo - Add money to your child's cafeteria account

    Common Core Website - Take a look at the Common Core website and see all the details about the standards.

    Arizona's Department of Education for Parents Website 

    Parents Checklist for Student Success

    Parents who are genuinely interested in their children's school progress can provide help at home and through school. An article in American Education suggests the following helpful hints. (This is a partial list.)
    We will:
    • check assignment book and homework carefully to see if, and how well, it is completed
    • keep regular communication with the teacher
    • expect good work from your child because you will get largely what you expect
    • support what the school is trying to do for your child
    • realize that excellence at school must begin at home
    • require child to redo sloppy work
    • praise every improvement and honest attempt
    • determine to help your child establish good study habits and stick to that determination
    • encourage good study habits at home
    recognize your child's efficiency in using study time at home
    Encourage... Support... Reinforce...