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         This year we will discover the world around us through learning about our community and through scientific investigations. Many of our units will include a project and some may need to be completed at home.
         In social studies, we will begin the school year building our classroom community. We will discover the rights, responsibilities, and roles of citizenship within a community. We will also identify traits of character that are important to the improvement of democracy. Together we will create a classroom promise and third grade constitution. 
         Following classroom community we will learn about the communities around us, citizenship, the foundations and structures of our government, U.S. symbols, and begin our study on American cultures. We will also describe the importance of national holidays during quarter one (Labor Day and Constitution Day). 
         In science we will investigate different forms of energy. We will study light and sound. We will discover how light behaves when it strikes objects. We will learn about white light and the color spectrum. We will demonstrate that vibrating objects produce sound, and how the pitch of a sound depends on the rate of vibration.