• Turnitin.com Information


    Need to submit your paper?: http://www.turnitin.com 


    Need to submit your paper from your iPad?
    • Save your document as a PDF to DropBox
    • Open up Turnitin through Chrome or Safari
    • Go in to submit your document - pull from your DropBox - be sure it is a PDF
    • When you submit you might get an error that says the window cannot be closed - that is okay - just look at your other tabs, the tab open with turnitin will be there!
    Remember: The turnitin app is not for students! Don't bother with that!

    Keep in mind the penalties for not submitting on time:
    ELA 5-6: No paper will be graded until it is submitted to turnitin.com. I will enter a grade of "1" in the grade book until you submit your essay to turnitin.com. Since this is for essays, and that category is worth 35% of your grade, you are going to want to make sure you get that done on time! 
    Remember that ALL ENG 5-6 papers are due on/before 7:40am!
    Here are all the steps you need to follow to ensure you get the credit for having submitted properly:

    1. Upload your paper to turnitin.com by either copying and pasting or uploading the file. Don't worry about the formatting! It doesn't matter for turnitin.com. You never need to submit your title page or your works cited. Be certain you print out your receipt! This will save you if there is some kind of technological error!

    2. Can't get into your turnitin.com account? You can always use another email address to create a new account. Remember you can get a free email account through hotmail or gmail. Also, keep in mind the webpage has assistance if you forgot your password! You can try using that too!

    3. Can't access turnitin.com at all or something isn't allowing you to access and you are way too stressed to figure it out? Email your paper to me and be sure you copy yourself on the email. You must still get your paper to me via email by 7:40am on the due date! My email is: adam.korman@dvusd.org 

    4. Your computer has crashed and you have no idea what to do because you have no access to turnitin.com, what should you do? Call me before the time the paper is due and explain the situation on my voice mail. Keep in mind my voice mail is time stamped! My voice mail number is: 623-376-3118!

    Every morning that a paper is due I will always print out a list of those who have not yet submitted to turnitin.com! I always urge you to submit your paper before you even print it out! The morning a paper is due you can always stop by my room in the morning and I would be happy to help you submit! Just email yourself and me the paper or bring it in on a jump drive!

    Turnitin.com Registration Information:

    Every student enrolled in ELA 5-6 must gain access to his/her specific class on turnitin.com - to do this, go to the link above, click on "user log in" or if you don't already have an account click on "new users" and then follow directions. You will need to create a user name and a password and please make certain that you write down your password.

    When you register you will need your class identification number and your enrollment password - which is listed below. When you submit a paper to turnitin.com you must allow yourself plenty of time before the due date.
    Enrollment password: korman (all lowercase)
    (when you enter the class ID do not put the pound sign - just enter the numbers!)
    2015/2016 Turnitin ID Numbers:
    •Period 4 ID # 15835984
     Note- Do not copy and paste the password or the ID, sometimes it doesn't "take" when you do that!