“Technology can bring the real world into the classroom, which means that as teachers we can better prepare kids for the exciting adventures that they will face in their future.” Dan Roberts– Seychelles

    The MRHS Tech Rich Initiative
    What is Tech Rich? A message from the Deer Valley Unified School District . . .

    Tech Rich Campus Initiative Brings Technology to Classrooms!

    To prepare for the unprecedented opportunities that await students of the 21st century, DVUSD recognizes that a thorough understanding of technology is essential for extraordinary learning opportunities. A Tech Rich environment can transform student learning experiences through the use of technology tools and resources that increase opportunities for students to think critically, work collaboratively, and function in today’s society.

    Need to put in a MRHS Helpdesk Ticket for your Ipad? Here is the link for our Ridge Tech TAs: https://www.dvusd.org/domain/5620
    Tech Rich Documents:
    2015 DVUSD Device User Agreement (This is REQUIRED to be filled out and turned in when you pick up your iPad)
    We are encouraging all students to purchase the Device Protection Plan to alleviate potential damage costs that may incur throughout the school year. Information on the Device Protection Plan is on the back of the Device User Agreement.
    iPad Damage Glass Only Glass/LCM Water Damage
    With Device
    Protection Plan 
     $50 $50 $50
    Without Device 
    Protection Plan 
     $150 $185 $50

    How to Access your MRHS Gmail Account:

    1.       Go to https://portal.dvusd.org/ and log in.

    2.       Click on Google Account Information.

    3.       You will then see your email address and password.

    (If you need screen shots for this - you can see them here:  (How to Get Your School Gmail Account)