• Dress Code – Student

    Student Dress Code

    ·         Any attire that detracts from the learning environment is not acceptable. Students should dress in a manner that, in addition to the following guidelines, takes into consideration the educational environment, safety, health and welfare of self and others.

    ·         Clothing must cover the entire buttocks. Shirts and tops may not expose bare midriffs, bare shoulders, nor be deeply or narrowly cut in the front, back, or under the arms. Halter tops, spaghetti straps, and strapless tops are not acceptable. Clothing that exposes undergarments will not be tolerated for males or females. Clothing should be a comfortable, appropriate fit- not too tight or short.

    ·         Bare feet are never acceptable. In the interest of safety, shoes must be worn at all times. Closed shoes are to be worn for any type of physical activity, such as physical education, cheer practice, or sports practice.

    ·         Students will not participate in physical education class if appropriate shoes are not worn.  Multiple infractions may be considered in the student’s quarter grade.

    ·         Jewelry or ornamentation shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others.

    ·         No hats may be worn inside the cafeteria when eating.

    ·         Defamatory writing, obscene language or symbols, or symbols of drugs, sex, or alcohol on clothing or jewelry are expressly prohibited.

    ·         Tattoos displaying defamatory writing, obscene language or symbols, or symbols of drugs, sex, or alcohol must be covered.

    ·         Specific dress codes may be required for performance or events.

     Students dressed in attire that does not meet these guidelines will be given a change of clothes.  Multiple infractions of dress code will result in a discipline referral.