•  Welcome To Mrs. Afzal's Kindergarten ELD Class!


    Classroom Information

    The focus of this class will be English Language Development (ELD). Students will receive 2 hours of English instruction through reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening. This will help students to become proficient in English. We will also be working on Math.

    In Kindergarten we work hard to learn our letters and sounds so we can begin reading. We practice writing everyday, beginning with correct letter formation. We also work on counting and developing number sense.



    We have special classes everyday. At Village Meadows, we use a three day special rotation and go to a different special on each of those days. For specials, my class is split among the other 3 Kindergarten teacher’s. Here are their schedules:

    Mr. Woodward                     Ms. Root                        Ms. Tardogono

    Day 1 – Art                          Day 1 – Music                Day 1 – P.E

    Day 2 – Music                      Day 2 – P.E                    Day 2 – Art

    Day 3 – P.E                          Day 3 – Art                    Day 3 – Music

    You should have already recieved a note from me indicating which teacher's specials schedule your child will follow. If you need me to send it home again, just let me know. Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers on the days they have P.E. The specials (day rotation) for each day will be written on the Monthly behavior calendar, to help you keep track. You can find it in your child's red folder.


    Our Schedule 
    8:20-8:40 Breakfast in the cafeteria & Announcements
    8:45-10:15 Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Reading
    10:15-11:00 Grammar
    11:00-11:35 Lunch
    11:35-12:30 Language Arts
    12:30-1:15 Specials
    1:15-2:15 Math
    2:15-2:30 Afternoon Recess
    2:30-3:15 Science/Social Studies
    3:25pm Kindergarten Dismissal