Mrs. Afzal’s Classroom Plan


    Most children really want to behave and to have successful relationships.  Our school has a system with strategies that teaches and supports appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.  It is called “Positive Behavior Intervention Support,” with six pillars of character: responsibility, respect, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and citizenship.  Children can earn “Viking Vouchers” for good behavior.

    The children and I spend a lot of time discussing and practicing positive behavior patterns.  We discuss the kind of environment we want in our classroom.  We promote understanding, acceptance of differences, and an encouraging place for learning. 

    Kindergarten Classroom Expectations are:

    1. I will listen.
    2. I will follow directions quickly.
    3. I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
    4. I will be kind and do my best!

    Our classroom uses the green, yellow, and red card system, with our goal to stay on green everyday! We also use Class Dojo, which is a fun, positive incentive program, where the students recieve Dojo points for positive behavior. Students can save their Dojo points to earn rewards such as treasure box and computer/ipad time. Parents can sign up for Class Dojo to monitor their child's daily progress.

    If a child chooses not to follow one of our expectations, the following are possible consequences:

    First time – Verbal reminder

    Second time – Yellow light: 5 minute time out

    Third time – Red light: loss of privilege – Parent will be notified

    Fourth time – Child has time out in another classroom

      Parent/guardian notified by note, phone call, and/or e-mail

    Fifth time – Conference with parent


    *Parents can be notified at any time.  Steps may be skipped due to teacher discretion.