• Mrs. Sherman's Class 

    This year our class will be learning:


    In second grade we will be focusing on several different concepts and learning many strategies to help to solve problems that will deepen their understanding of the concepts. We will be start out by reviewing adding and subtraction within 100. Students will begin the year developing a deep understanding of what adding and subtraction is. By the end of the year it is expected that each child can add and subtract three digit numbers within 1000.

    Other concepts we will be focusing are:
    • Represent and interpret data
    • Measurement
    • Work with time and money
    •  Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100
    •  Reason with shapes and their attributes
    • Work with equal groups for a foundation of multiplication.


    We will be reading several stories throughout the year and focusing heavily on reading comprehension and reading fluency. We will continue to work on decoding and fluency skills but focus on going deeper into the meaning of what is being read. The students will learn several skills such as characters and setting, asking and answering questions, identifying character traits, main idea and details, and much more. We will be working to build our vocabulary and explore different genres!


    "More” is the word to describe your child’s writing this year: more research, more detail, and more vocabulary. Our class will be writing personal narratives, opinion, and research papers. The students will work to perfect their spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Students will be starting out by writing a paragraph and as the year goes on, they will be pushed to write a multiple paragraph essay.

    Science/Social Studies

    In science we will be observing, asking questions, forming hypotheses, analyzing, and drawing conclusions. Our class will learn about how technology effects and helps us. We will be discussing the history of science and the changes in our environment. We will discuss weather, and the life cycles of animals and the properties of objects and materials.

    In social studies we will  learn about american and world history and connect it to our reading stories. We will learn about geography, world history, economics, civics and government and much more!