2nd Grade Village Meadows Vikings will be classy and...


    Be Respectful


    Be Responsible


    Be Safe


    Be Ready to Learn




    I believe in celebrating positive student behavior. Students will have the opportunity to earn positive points in the classroom. They will receive classroom rewards and earn Viking Vouchers.




    Sometimes, students make mistakes. When they do, the following actions will take place:


    First Time

    Verbal Warning 

    Second Time

    Student clips down.

    Third Time

    Student clips down for the second time. The student must fill out a reflection sheet and the reflection is to be taken home and signed by a parent or guardian and brought back the following school day. 

    Fourth Time

    Student clips down for the third time and goes to another 2nd grade classroom to do a reflection. The student's parent/guardian will be notified by phone call or email. If it is needed a parent teacher conference will be scheduled and/or After School Detention.


    *Parents can be notified at any time. Steps may be skipped due to teacher discretion.