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    OC iPad Troubleshooting Guide  

    Created by OC Library Tech TAs 





    General iPad Information

    • All students have a district Google account and email address: username@learner.dvusd.org
    • All apps on district student iPads are delivered through the DVUSD App Catalog
    • All students are assigned a district Apple ID (username@appleid.dvusd.org).
      • Apple ID's allow students to save files in iCloud.
      • Students may not use personal Apple ID's on iPads.  



    More iPad Information Includes Canvas help.


    How to re-enroll into a student iPad



          • English > United States
          • Set Up Manually (If you see a Quick Start option)
          • DVUSDmobile (at school) OR Home WiFi (you will switch to DVUSDmobile at school)
          • Continue (If you see a Data & Privacy screen)
          • Next (above Remote Management, top right corner)
          • Log in with your district username and password. This is the same as logging into school computers.
          • Set Up Touch ID Later > Don’t Use (Touch ID doesn’t work on district iPads.)
          • Create a Passcode Choose something you will remember! Write it down or email it to yourself.
          • Enable Location Services
          • Continue  >  Continue  >  Get Started  >  Dismiss (Edit Home Screen Pop-up)



    • Go to DVUSD App Catalog and install GMail app
    • Sign-in with Google  (If Google email won’t open…your iPad is probably not on the district network. Wait an hour.)
    • Follow instructions. Be sure to enter your district email address (username@learner.dvusd.org) and district password (your school ID number). School email is connected to your district Google account.


    • Open your dvusd.org email account
    • Open your email from Apple Manager 
      • You should see your new Apple ID username and temporary password. Don’t open the Apple Manager link in the emailGo to next step below. If no email, go to email request link below.
    • Open Settings > Sign in to your iPad (top left)
      • New OC students: Copy and paste the username and temporary password from your Apple Manager email into sign in fields. You’ll be asked to create a new password
      • Returning OC students: Sign into your district Apple ID. (username@appleid.dvusd.org) If you’ve forgotten your password, go to password reset link below!

    How to set up district Apple ID- Slides presentation ~  (You will need to be logged into your district google account to view this.)

    How to set up district Apple ID- PDF  ~

    How to set up district Apple ID- Video ~



     iPad Troubleshooting (Prepared by SDOHS library tech TAs)



    There are several ways to do this. 
    1. Save to iCloud 
      • Set up your iCloud account in Settings to Backup  
      • If you use Notes and Reminders, make sure your iCloud settings are set up to include them in backups.
      • Set up your Photos & Camera app to automatically upload to iCloud. Do this in Settings.
    2. Save to Google Drive   
    3. Email to yourself arrow
    4. Set up an app account. Files in some apps can be saved in the app's document cloud. 
    And there are even more ways to save. Utilize that share button! Share Button


    iPad iOS Updates

    • Many apps won't work unless iOS is operating at the latest version. 
    • Here's how to update iOS on an iPad:  
      • Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now > enter passcodeAgree >  Agree. Updates won't start unless iPad is charged over 50%. Updates have two parts; one to upload the software and the other to install it.


    General iPad Troubleshooting 
    iPad wifi isn't reliable and/or Canvas isn't working
    Your iPad wifi network may have jumped to Guest. You need to move it back to DVUSDmobile. Here's how
    iPad isn't getting any internet or email
    Ipad may be locked in isolation. To check, go to settings > wifi > DVUSDmobile > i
    If you see isol.dvusd.org next to search domains your ipad is isolated and won't have access to internet. This isol status should last only 30-60 minutes. If you still see isol after one hour, please let the librarian know (roni.pickering@dvusd.org).  Please include ipad's IP address in your email.
    While setting up iPad, the wrong wifi network was accidentally chosen
    Hold the down home key for 5-10 seconds. Release. Click on More Wifi Settings. Tap the little i  and a window will open. Tap on Forget this network. You'll probably have to go back and start over to get the correct network (DVUSDmobile) to work. 
    iPad won't install apps
    1. Is this an Apple app (iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand)? See the librarian if an Apple app won't install. Unfortunately, you'll have to re-enroll into your iPad. 
    2. Check iOS. Does it need updating? Some apps won't work unless iOS is operating at latest version.
    Here's how to update iOS on an iPad:
    Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now > enter passcode > Agree >  Agree    
    Updates won't start unless iPad is charged over 50%
    iPad suddenly shuts down or shows black screen
    Try a hard restart by holding down the on-off button and the home button at the same time.
    Why did this happen? It could be that there are too many apps open on the iPad. Double click on the home button and swipe some apps closed. 
    Entered Passcode too many times and now iPad is disabled 
    Sadly, the librarian at SDOHS will need to restore your iPad. 
    • Connect USB portion of iPad charger to a computer with iTunes (student computers don't have iTunes)
    • Open iTunes
    • Turn off iPad
    • While holding down the home button on the iPad, plug the lightning part of the charger into the ipad charging port. Don't let go until you see a white arrow connecting to an apple.
    • In iTunes, choose RestoreCheck for Updates > Restore and Update.
    iPad doesn't do everything you want it to do
    Remember that your school iPad is filtered and monitored by DVUSD. It is for school use. And remember, if you install any apps that compromise the security of a school iPad and your account, the district will find out and there will be consequences.