• My name is Denise Badger and I am extremely excited to teach 4th grade, another year, at Sierra Verde!  This year I will be teaching only math!  Students will rotate to each of the 4 teachers, just like they do, in 5th grade.

    I  have 4 amazing children.  Clayton is 23 and is  a manager for a tech company.  Taylor is 21, and a 5th grade teacher in the Washinigton Elementary School District.  Hayden is 17 --a Senior  at Mountain Ridge.  Finally, David is 15 and is a Sophomore at Mountain Ridge. 

     I have 1 dog, Oreo,  1 cat (Tinkerbell) and 2 African Sulcata tortoises (Carl and Jack).  Visiting Mexico is one of my favorite things to do! I love anything that has to do with the beach!  We also enjoy movies, camping, swimming and playing games.
    Teaching and learning math are passions of mine.  I can not wait to share these with your child and ignite their enthusiasm, too!! 4th graders are special humans!