• Helpful Reading Strategies to Use at Home
    Throughout the year, we will be working together to encourage your children to grow and learn.  Here are some useful reading strategeies to use at home when reading with your child.  These are the same strategies we will be using daily at school.  Please refer to them when your child is stuck on a word. 
    To Help Myself Read I Can:
    1.  Check The Picture.  (Sometimes the word is something they can see in the picture.)
    2.  Get My Mouth Ready.  (Child should shape mouth for beginning letter.)
    3.  Go Back And Read It Again.  (Start back from the beginning of the sentence.)
    4.  If child says the wrong word while reading ask:
         Does it sound right? 
         Does it look right? 
         Does it make sense?
    5.  Find Chunks I Know.  (Examples include finding AT in the word MAT, IT in the word SIT, and finding AND in the word SAND.)