• Where Are My Animal Friends?

    Where do animals go when the days turn cold?

    Hello, Goose! Why are you shivering?

    The Forest is chilly, Raccoon.

    The days are shorter now.

    And it’s getting colder every day.

    Then we don’t have much time to find our friends.

    You’re right, Raccoon.

    Let’s look for caterpillar.

    Caterpillar lives in this tree.

    But where are all the leaves?

    Many of them are on the ground.

    Where is caterpillar? Look, here comes the smallest bird in the


    Hello, Hummingbird!

    Have you seen caterpillar?

    Oh, yes. Caterpillar is right here.

    That’s not Caterpillar! Caterpillar

    is long. This thing is not long.

    Our friend Caterpillar moves a lot.

    This thing does not move at all.

    But Caterpillar is inside.

    He became a chrysalis.

    Then we won’t see Caterpillar until spring when he’ll be a butterfly.

    Well, I’m glad you will be here for the winter.

    Oh, no, Raccoon. I can’t stay.

    I must fly away to where it is warm.

    Hummingbird does too.

    Yes, we must go now.

    Oh, my! I am the saddest raccoon in the forest. Will you come back?

    Yes, we’ll be back in the spring.

    Good-bye, raccoon!

    Good-bye, Goose!

    Good-bye, Hummingbird!

    I will see if Bear is at home.

    Hello, Bear!

    Hello, Raccoon. Is it spring yet?

    No, Bear. It will be winter before

    it is spring. Why are you sleeping?

    I ate and ate all summer. Now I am fatter than before, and I don’t need to eat. I will sleep a long time.

    I won’t budge until spring.

    Oh, no! All my friends

    are going away!

    Pardon me, but I’m sleepy.

    Good night, Raccoon!

    Good night, Bear. But who will be my friend? Oh, here comes squirrel.

    Hello, Raccoon. Where is everyone?

    Goose flew away, and so did

    Hummingbird. Caterpillar is now a chrysalis, and Bear is sleeping for the winter. Are you going away too?

    Oh, no. I will stay here all winter.

    I have a warm nest and lots of food.

    Will you play with me?

    Yes, Squirrel! Let’s race to the edge of the forest and back.

    I’m a Caterpillar

    How does a caterpillar grow and change?

    I’m a caterpillar. Munch. Crunch.

    I’m getting bigger! Munch. Crunch.

    Munch. Crunch. Munch. Crunch.

    That’s it. No more food. I’m done.

    It’s time to hang from a stem.

    I wait, and wait, and wait.

    I shiver. I twist. I split my skin.

    My old skin falls away.

    I am soft inside. I am a pupa.

    I grow a shell to protect the pupa.

    I am now a chrysalis.

    I keep changing. Soon I’ll come out.

    What will I be? A butterfly!

    Push. Crack. Wow! I’m free!

    My wings are all wet.

    My wings dry off. They unfold.

    Flap. Flap. Hey! I can fly! Ta-da!

    I visit flowers. I drink nectar. Yum!

    My mouth is like a straw. Sip. Sip. Sip.

    I have a mate. We visit many flowers.

    We’re not afraid of birds.

    They know that we taste awful.

    Soon I will lay my eggs.

    The eggs have thin shells.

    Baby caterpillars crawl out.

    Hi! I’m a caterpillar. Munch. Crunch.

    What will happen to me next?

    Do you know?

    Ruby In Her Own Time

    By: Jonathan Emmett /Illustrated by: Rebecca Harry

    What will Ruby learn as she grows?

    Once upon a time upon a nest beside a lake, there lived two ducks-a mother duck and a father duck. There were five eggs in the nest. Mother Duck sat upon the nest, all day and all night….through howling wind and driving rain, and looking after the eggs-all five of them. Then, one bright morning, the eggs began to hatch. One, two, three, four little beaks poked out into the sunlight. One, two, three, four little ducklings shook their feathers in the breeze. “We’ll call them Rufus, Rory, Rosie, and Rebecca,” said Father Duck. And Mother Duck agreed. But the fifth egg did nothing. “Will it ever hatch?” said Father Duck. “It will,” said Mother Duck, “in it’s own time.” And- sure enough-it did. “she’s very small,” said Father Duck. “What shall we call her?” “We’ll call her Ruby,” said Mother Duck, “because she’s small and precious.” Rufus, Rory, Rosie, and Rebecca ate whatever they were given. They ate anything and everything. But Ruby ate nothing. “Will she ever eat?” said Father Duck. “She will,” said Mother Duck, “in her own time.” And- sure enough- she did. Rufus, Rory, Rosie, and Rebecca swam off whenever they were able. They swam anywhere and everywhere. But Ruby swam nowhere. “Will she ever swim?” said Father Duck. “She will,” said Mother Duck, “in her own time.” And-sure enough- she did. Rufus, Rory, Rosie, and Rebecca grew bigger. And Ruby grew bigger too. Her feathers grew out, and her wings grew broad and beautiful. And when Rufus, Rory, Rosie, and Rebecca began to fly…Ruby flew too! Rufus, Rory, Rosie, and Rebecca flew far and wide. They flew out across the water. They flew up among the trees. But Ruby flew farther and wider. She flew beyond the water. She flew up above the trees. She flew anywhere and everywhere. She stretched out her beautiful wings and soared high among the clouds. Mother Duck and Father Duck watched Ruby flying off into the distance. “Will she ever come back?” said Mother Duck. “She will,” said Father Duck, “in her own time.” And-sure enough- she did.



    A Place to Play

    “This will be a fun day,” Benny said to Molly.  “Nai Nai can take us to see where Mom and Dad are working.”

    I spy Dad and Mom!” said Benny.

    “What are you doing?”

    “We are planting things.  This sunny spot is good for growing plants,” said Dad.

    “It is muddy in that spot!” said Benny.

    “Let us go inside,” said Nai Nai.

    “Here is a place for meetings,” said Mom.

    “Look, Benny!  There is Ms. Torres!”

    “Hi, Benny!” said Ms. Torres.  “I grew up in this

    neighborhood, so I want to help.”

    “This is a place for art,” said Mom.  “Look at the wall with nothing on it.  Now look at the wall next to it.”

    “That wall looks like my neighborhood!” said Benny.  “I see people working and playing under a blue sky.”

    “Do you like it?” asked Mr. Gray.  Benny said, “Yes, I hope it stays there always!”

    “This will become a place to watch plays,” said Dad.  “Look, there is Mr. Jackson,” said Mom.

    “He lives by us too.” 

    “People from the neighborhood came together to work on everything in this place,” Mom said.

    Benny saw a boy who seemed a little shy.  “Do you like to play ball?”  Benny asked. 

    “Go check out this next one,” said Dad.  “I will slide down!” Benny said.  Mom and Molly went up in the tower.

    “They are lucky,” said Nai Nai.  “I wish I had a place like this when I was a kid.”

    “See the sunset?” Mom asked.

    Dad said, “It is time to go home.”

    “I like this place,” said Benny.  “It is a good place for all of us!”