• Sam, Come Back


    Sam the cat is on my lap.

    Sam ran. Sam, come back!

    Sam ran that way.

    Nab that cat!

    See Sam in the sack.

    Sam ran that way.

    Nab that cat!

    See Sam in the pack.

    Bad Sam! Sam, come back!

    Jack, Jack! Sam is back.

    Pat Sam on my lap.


    Selection Words: Sam Jack

    Words To Read: on way in



    Unit 1, Story 2


    Pig in a Wig


    Pig in a wig is big, you see.

    Tick, tick, tick. It is three.

    Pig can mix. Mix it up.

    Pig can dip. Dip it up.

    Pig can lick. Lick it up.

    It is six. Tick, tick, tick.

    Pig is sad. She is sick.

    Fix that pig. Take a sip.

    Fix that pig. Quick, quick, quick!

    Max, Max! Take the sax!

    Play it, Max, and play it, Pam!

    Pig in a wig did a jig.

    What a ham!


    Selection Words: Pig play

    Words To Read: up and take

    Unit 1, Story 3


    The Big Blue Ox


    Mom and Pop have a big blue ox.

    Ox can help. He is big.

    He can pick, and he can dig.

    Pigs in wigs sit in mud. Ox can help!

    Get the mop from Mom and Pop.

    Mop the pigs. Fix the wigs.

    Off to town go Mom and Pop.

    Ox can help! Hop on top.

    Get the cans. Pack the sack.

    Ox can help! Take it back.

    Ox can help! Use big pans.

    He is hot. Use big fans!

    Mom and Pop nap on Ox.

    Ox is a big, big help.


    Selection Words: town mud       Words To Read: help get use

    Unit 1, Story 4


    A Fox and a Kit


    This fox naps on the rocks.

    Her kit naps on the rocks too.

    The kit sits up. His mom sits up.

    This man is fixing dinner.

    The kit will eat. His mom will eat.

    The kit is licking his lips. His mom is licking her lips.

    The kit is playing. His mom is playing.

    The kit nips and tags his mom.

    The kit plays on the rocks. His mom will get him.

    She picks him up and takes him back.

    The fox will watch her kit. The kit will watch his mom.

    We like watching this kit and his mom too!

    We can watch lots of animals.


    Selection Words: animals dinner watch

    Words To Read: eat her this too

    Unit 1, Story 5

    Get the Egg!

    Kim saw Brad at the tree.

    A big red bird is in its nest, Kim.

    Yes, Brad. Six small eggs are in the nest too.

    Snap! A big twig hit the nest.

    Snap, snap! The big twig hit an egg.

    Stop the egg, Brad. Stop it!

    Can you get the egg?

    The net! Get your net, Brad.

    You can help! Get the egg in your net.

    Yes! You did it, Brad.

    You can help too, Kim. Set the egg back in the nest.

    Kim saw Brad at the tree.

    The big red bird is back, Kim.

    Yes, Brad. The big red bird is in its nest.

    Six small birds are in the nest too!


    Selection Words: bird nest

    Words To Read: saw small tree your

    Unit 1, Story 6


    Animal Park

    The sun is up at camp.

    Camp is in a big, big park.

    It is home to many animals.

    Will we see them?

    We go bump, bump, bump in the truck.

    A band of zebras runs past.

    They blend into the grass.

    Big cats rest from a hunt. Cubs bat at bugs.

    Big birds stand in the grass. They can run fast.

    Big hippos sit in mud. The sun is hot, but the mud is not!

    Are we in luck? Yes!

    Big elephants stand and sip in the pond.

    They stomp into the pond and swim.

    Bump, bump, bump! We are back at camp.

    This park is home to many animals.

    We are glad we saw them.

    Selection Words: park elephants zebras hippos   Words To Read: home into many them