• Here are the most current test results:
    Good evening Terramar Task Force:
    I wanted to update the Terramar Task Force with the latest information on the efforts at the Terramar campus. 
    With the staff now at Terramar Elementary School we have received some inquiries about the work that had been completed and some of the work that was not fully finished.  This helped us become aware of some baseboards that were not finished in a storage closet behind the door.  We removed and replaced a small amount of that drywall and got the covebase (baseboard) installed in these two closets prior to the open house that was scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, August 6th.  Since we completed this work we scheduled the indoor air quality testing in these areas.  However, at the request of those assisting with the remediation efforts at the school, we conducted several additional indoor air quality testing while we were going to be testing anyhow.  In all, we pulled 20 more samples.
    We received verbal confirmation of those results this afternoon, with a full report expected early next week for us to be able to post.  Unfortunately one of the tests came back unfavorably.  The custodial closet on the first floor of the classroom building showed high results for fungal matter (actually very high results, as if the matter had been recently disturbed).  This is unfortunate as remediation efforts were completed in this room but obviously not all the fungal matter was removed.  We have contacted Terracon and CRS since they were the companies involved in this remediation and CRS is scheduled to be at the school on Saturday morning to create a containment of this space and place an air scrubber to clean this air.  The remediation will need to be scheduled at a later date but the containment will be in place until the remediation is completed.    The rest of the 20 samples they took all came back very favorably.
    Terracon Report - 7-22-15