• Woodshop/ Building Skills

    (Career Action Lab)  Instructor:  Mr. Michael Day

    E-mail:  michael.day@dvusd.org     Phone:        602-467-6539


    Class Objectives:  Desert Sky’s Woodworking and Building Skills Action Lab provides a safe, enjoyable, and productive learning experience. As your student participates in this course, he or she will learn proper use of measuring devices, designing, and drafting. They will learn how to safely operate and use stationary machines, hand tools, and portable power tools. They will also have the opportunity to design and build their own projects. In order to do this they must select the project, figure the board footage and price of their project, and put in writing the construction steps. Wood for their projects can be purchased from the school or brought in from home by the student. Free materials are also available for those in need. 

    This year we are expanding the content of the class and incorporating several trade and building skills. These mini courses, or modules, will give students exposure to a multitude of different career areas. These will include drywall repair, electrical wiring, wall framing, plumbing, tile setting, green construction, concrete skills, and general home repair.


    Behavior Expectations:

    Work safely and cooperatively with others.

    Be prepared and organized. A pencil, paper, and a scientific calculator will be necessary each day.

    Be respectful and follow all classroom rules.

    Respect the tools and supplies provided in the classroom



    Safety: Woodshop is a hands-on laboratory class. All students will be completing many activities which will involve the use of sharp and dangerous hand tools and machines. Safety in the classroom is the #1 priority for students, teachers, and parents. To insure a safe environment for all, the following safety guidelines must be followed at all times.

    • Be responsible and respectful at all times in the shop.
    • Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. Ask if you are unsure.
    • Student may not enter or work in the shop unless the instructor is present.
    • Keep workspace clean and clear of unnecessary books or articles.
    • Know all safety and operating procedures for any and all equipment in use. If you don’t know please ask.
    • Notify instructor of any unsafe conditions immediately.
    • Dress properly for labs. Loose clothing is not permitted and tennis shoes are mandatory.  No Crocs, sandals, or slippers. 
    • Hair must be secured and out of your eyes. Aprons are available and safety glasses (provided) are mandatory.
    • Non-compliance with the above stated guidelines will result in removal from lab area and completion of an alternative text assignment.


    Breakage Policy: Without shop equipment labs are difficult to perform. Students will be held responsible for breakage due to improper handling or horseplay. Please respect all items in the shop at all times.


    I’m looking forward to an exciting year. With the tools, machines, and technology that are available, there is certainly going to be some truly amazing projects and memories created in room 250.


    Donations and Business Partners: Parents, if you have tools or items you think might be valuable donations to the DSMS Wood Shop, please contact me. In addition if you work for a company or a trade that might be willing to donate supplies to our program, such as lumber, screws, nails, drywall, tile, glue, stains, etc. please let us know. Thanks!