2023-2024 Clubs, Organizations, & Sponsors


    [Note, the clubs for the 24-25 year will be updated throughout August and club rush will be taking place during lunches on August 20th & 21]

    MRHS is proud to have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities available for our students. Please see the listing and the staff member who sponsors the group.


    Club Sponsor
    Academic Decathlon Natalie Aspaas (E120)
    Active Minds  
    Anatomy/VICA Jason Prey (C209)
    Art Club Stephanie Sullinger-Dukarm (CC303)
    Asian Culture Awareness Association  
    Band Aaron Vogel (F158)
    Best Buddies Laurie Houle (C113)
    Book Club Dan Sabel (C222)
    Chemistry Club Robert Scavetta (E216)
    Chess Club Timothy Rosinbum (C211)
    Choir Abel Dragomir (F112)
    Cinemaniacs Michael Racine (E105)
    Club Earth Kelsey Sercl (C223)
    Cosmetology Club Hailey Backus (E214)
    Creative Writing Arielle Larance (C117)
    Culture Club Angie Bennett (C121)
    Cybersecurity Club Lori Beth Horton (C103)
    DECA Jeffrey Samaniego,Lori Beth Horton,Francisco Ortiz (C102)
    Esports Max Brandstetter (C116)
    Family Career and Community Leaders of America  Heidi Moya (E110)
    Fashion Club Jane Koistinen (C206)
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Julie Olson (Small Gym)
    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Paul Hintz (C110) 
    GSA Club Lisette Romero (C219)
    Hack Club Lori Beth Horton (C103)
    HOSA Future Health Professionals Kim Rodgers (C216)
    Immersive Medical Health Care Hailey Backus (E214)
    Interact Club Vanessa Buus (E208)
    Journalism Club Jennifer Kain (C101)
    Literature and Media Club Mike Racine (E105)
    Mock Trial Casey King (C212)
    Model United Nations Bobby Green, Candice Roa, Bryan Rossi (CC310)
    Music for Community Aaron Vogel (F158)
    National Art Honor Society Stephanie Sullinger-Dukarm (CC303)
    National Honor Society Kelsey Sercl (E215)
    National Technical Honor Society Jeffrey Samaniego (C102)
    Physical Education Club Kelly Saufley, Craig Marcus, Julie Olson (D Bldg) 
    Pickleball Club Kelly Saufley (D107)
    Pokemon Club Max Brandstetter (C116)
    Red Cross Mike Racine (E105)
    Ridge Army Chris Evanello (CC401)
    Ridge Media Jennifer Kain (C101)
    Robotics Travis Randolph (C108)
    SAT/ACT Prep Club Joshua Payne E116
    She's the First Jacob Gabow (C120)
    Skills USA Graphics Adam Korman (C118)
    Social Justice for Youth Rachel Estes (CC307)
    Society of Female Scholars Jacequelyn Larios (C107), Genevieve Sefcik (E119)
    Speech and Debate Andrea Jewett (E211)
    Sports Medicine Club Kim Rodgers (C216)
    Student Government Doug Evans (E218)
    Swifties Lindsey Fleegle (CC407)
    Tabletop RPG Club - D&D, etc Matthew Roberts (E102)
    Thespian Laura Nardone (F135)
    Track and Field Chad Miller (E101)
    Trading Card Game  Matthew Roberts (E102)
    Trap Door Society/Thespian Laura Nardone (F135)
    Tri-M Aaron Vogel (F158)
    United Sound Aaron Vogel (F158)
    Volunteer Club   Sarah Quintero (E117)
    World Languages Honors Society Lisette Romero (C219)
    Yearbook Jacquelyn Larios (C107)