• It is imperative that all students follow the WOLVES Expectations.  Canyon Springs WOLVES Expectations
     Canyon Springs rules for Electronic Devices: C.S. Electronic Devices Expectations
    Our Classroom Rules/Expectations:
    1. We will be respectful of each other.
    2. We will work together - we are a TEAM.
    3. We will strive to remained focused and not DISTURB the learning environment of others.
    4. We will sit on chairs (not tables).
    5. We will keep our feet on the ground/floor, not on the tables! 
    6. We will take care of school furniture.  
    7. No gum is allowed.  
    8. Cellphones are NOT allowed. 
    9. Please make sure that your child follows the Canyon Springs dress code. 
    *** Confiscated cell phones will be turned into the office for parent pick-up. ***

    Behavioral Flow Chart