Class Expectations

      1- Come to class prepared: Review previous lessons at home.

      2- Participate: It is all about practice! Be willing to ask and answer questions, follow  directions, sing along, roll play, and collaborate with peers in group activities.

       3- Show RespectTreat others the way you would want to be treated. We want a fun  environment where we can all be our silly-selves and also very serious when it comes down to learning.

      4- Middle School Students need to adhere to the specific rules and expectations in their Spanish Syllabus. 

    Daily  Work
     7th-8th Grade  (45 minutes)
     * Review
     * Preview, Present, Practice, Communicate
     * Wrap up/ Homework
     K-3rd Grade  (45 minutes)
     * Circle Time
                  (Review / Introduce)
     * Seat work
    4th-6th Grade (45 minutes)
     * Introduce / Review
     * Practice/seat work
    Class Materials

     K-6th Grade students will be provided with class materials.

    7th-8th Grade will need:

          * Regular school supplies

          * 1 Notebook

            * 1 Folder (Preferably 3-Ring with pockets)
            * Earphones

     (Special materials will be required for specific assignments).


    The following items would be greatly appreciated: pencils, color pencils, erasers, markers, glue, glue sticks, water colors, tissue, cleaning wipes, and/or sanitizer.

     Behavior Expectations  and Procedures.
        All District Rules will be adhered to at Canyon Springs STEM Academy School. Please refer to
    the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. We believe that students must treat others with the same respect with which they are treated by the adults in our school. We also believe that student’s actions, dress, possessions, etc., must not cause a problem for themselves or anyone else.

    Electronic Devices

        Many students want to have the privilege of carrying electronic devices on campus.  With that privilege comes the responsibility of insuring that those items are not used inappropriately or at inappropriate times on campus or on a bus.  If they are on and make a noise, vibrate or otherwise call attention to themselves, the device is creating a disruption.  Unless approved by the teacher, these items must be in the off/silent position and be kept out of sight.  Misuse of electronic devices may result in discipline procedures in addition to the confiscation of the device.  

       This is intended to promote the responsible use of all personally owned electronic devices in the Deer Valley Unified School District.  Students are solely responsible for the proper use and security of any personally owned electronic device that they bring onto DVUSD property or to DVUSD sponsored activities.  Students should not share or loan electronic devices.  If they do, they may be held responsible for any misuse of that device by another just as though it had remained in their possession.